Adspy FREE Trial + $50 Coupon Code – Adspy Review 2021

Spy Tools are the benchmark upon which affiliates and digital marketers base their Ad campaigns.

Gone are the days when you could scoff at a Spy Tool. Now you need it as much as you need all the other business tools.

The issue comes in when you need to choose the best. Options are diverse and confusing; but that is why we are here.

Our AdSpy review will let you know exactly why AdSpy is the best option for an FB and PPC Spy tool.

Later we will reveal the elusive details of the AdSpy Free Trial & Adspy coupon code. So, keep reading.

What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is a revolutionary Social Media Ads and PPC Spy Tool. It leverages two of the biggest social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram.

AdSpy uses their unparalleled array of data and innovative search to put you in the driver’s seat of the fastest developing Ad platforms.

With AdSpy you can:

  • Uncover compelling new campaigns
  • Discover trending new products
  • Spy on your competitor’s brands
  • Grab new emerging markets

For an exhaustive look into what AdSpy can offer, here are AdSpy’s best features. Do not forget our upcoming AdSpy Free Trial nugget.

AdSpy Features

Enhanced Basic Search

AdSpy takes searching to a whole other level. In addition to the basic search which features search by Ad Text, URL, Page name, and Comments, you can run an Enhanced Basic Search. This includes a search by Text in the Ad, Advertiser name, Number of Likes, and Type of media used.

Next, you know there is no powerful search without an equally powerful filter.

AdSpy allows you to filter by Affiliate Network, Affiliate ID, Offer ID, and Landing Page technologies. Further you can conduct an enhanced filter by Last Seen, Comments, Likes, Shares, and Longest Running Ad.

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Big Data

To determine the best Ad campaigns for your business, you need to leverage tons of information.

AdSpy does this perfectly.

In fact, AdSpy has the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram Ads.

We are talking 80.4 million Ads from 13.6 million advertisers. You know they are diverse because they cover 198 countries and come in 88 different languages.

In a word, you can see all the Ads you need to see on a single platform.

You also have access to all the top social media data. And thanks to AdSpy’s global coverage, you can access the world’s trends from a single, easy to use interface.

AdSpy Pricing

AdSpy offers one of the simplest pricing criterions in the market.

For a subscription fee of $149 per month, you can access AdSpy and all its features.

Now, its time to talk about AdSpy Free Trial. Many customers do not quite understand how it works.

Now, once you sign up for an AdSpy Account, you will receive Free Credits. Essentially these credits are your AdSpy Free Trial.

How? Well, you use these credits to get a feel of how AdSpy works. However, there is a catch. Since this is the AdSpy Free Trial you need to use the credits sparingly.

Avoid going into a deep search. Instead, explore the other features. AdSpy searches tend to drain the credits fast.

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Final Thoughts

AdSpy is a powerful tool which if used exhaustively will scale your business to new heights. Now, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Please share your thoughts and experiences. Do not forget to share our AdSpy Free Trial secret. Afterall, sharing is caring.